While She Dreams, In Other Scenes’

Of the teacup: With it’s gilded ways,

and paisley pattern,

sipping sweetly smooth,

she is taken back,

to calming days,


with smiling eyes.


Of the hammer: With it’s fixing ways,

and powerful blows,

pounding nails true,

she is fixing within,


fences that separate.


Of the seagull: With it’s soaring ways,

and flighty paths,

without any navigation,

she is drifting aloft,


feeling ocean sprays’.


Of the ballet slipper: With it’s satiny ways,

and gliding slides,

everything seems smooth,

she is dancing graceful,


round and round.


Of the shark: With it’s predatory ways,

and toothy grins,

swimming freely deep,

she is fearless,


friend or foe.


Of the wobbly table: With it’s unstable ways,

and teetering legs,

rocking precariously perpetual,

she is unbalanced,


never quite falling.


Of the dentist: With his sterile ways,

and drilling sounds,

poking and prodding,

she fears him,


trying to hide.


Of the rowboat: With it’s serine ways,

and times alone,

floating and rowing,

she looks along,


humming a song.


#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april14th #Day14


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