None But To Despise

Our world’s problem lies,

between an unhappy medium unwise,

although we all breathe,

blindly to never ceasing to seethe,

we differ in too many ways,

of intolerant and careless days,

altruism and egoism and empathy and antipathy,

we fight and we abhor,

instead of loving another to adore,

simply because,

we cannot agree for a cause,

it’s a clearly unfortunate fact,

that we thoughtfully stay at distract,

keeping out of life as time’s ticks’,

sitting off stages with busying sticks,

altruism and egoism and empathy and antipathy,

there is no solution,

to our world’s social pollution,

standing to rise and divide,

patterns always fall to collide,

our shame is of no goodwill,

our demise is to dance on breezes of ill will,

altruism and egoism and empathy and antipathy.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april11th #day11

The One I Call My Hun


He sleeps,

he wakes,

of life he makes,

the best of days,

in many ways,

providingly giving,

sunrise till sunset,

then again,

and again,

till he’s all in,

never letting out,

without a doubt,

day after day,

night after night,

through the hardness,

through the fun,

he is the one,

I call my Hun.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april10th #day10

What Was To Be


It was not the night that swayed quiet,

nor was it the silence of the bells,

it was not the loss of stars we sought,

nor was it the coldly pouring rains,

when it came to the impending war,

it was rains that will burn down on us,

but was stars that were to be clouded,

it was bells that will not stop ringing,

but was night never to be quiet.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april9th #day9

Early Bird’s Rise


When the ring tailed bird wakes,

as Dawn’s day comes,

you can hear him sing,

tweetly, tweet, tweet,

as Morning’s sun rises,

sweetly, sweet, sweet,

as Summer’s days long,

brightly, bright, bright,

leaves him craving for Evening’s,

nightly, night, night.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april8th #day8

A Shell By An Ocean Dear


My memory recalls,

if it was only a day and a year,

a day I found a shell that I held dear,

skies were blue as clouds sailed like falls,

as I strolled from Stanly Park to English Bay,

from a forests path to a sandy place,

I kept myself at a leisurely pace,

it was the loveliest of a summer day,

alas it only remains a treasured memory,

for I lost my precious color faded shell,

from once where I long ago near did dwell,

although I still smile at it’s beauty if only temporary.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april7th #day7

Three Worlds’ View


One set of eyes,


beautifully alive,

in wondered awe,

spies this world,

seeing all anew,

in every glanced view,

crystal seer clear,

while another,


finds it’s ageless glories,

carved mountainous lands,

fields, forests, and seas,

muses’ to last a lifetime,

writing beautiful allegories,

valued than most dear,

but then,

sadly by those,

with eyes closed,

pessimist’s of pestilence,

that wish to depose,

lacking of any grace,

who simply see,

to conquer to rule,

leaving behind,

more than one,

smelly cesspool,

sadly most true,

it’s the coldest unwise,

mongrel’s feuds of fuel,

feeding on,

necessary fear.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april6th #day6

When Rains Call To Me

I feel best when rains fall,

gently washing over me,

I feel at peace with all,

cascading away forces that be,

I feel neither short nor tall,

like floating in a great big sea,

I feel as if my world is at a stall,

leaving me feeling like a growing tree,

I feel a cool soothing overall,

washing over my eyes so I no longer see,

I feel as if I’m born for the squall,

as if I can be independently free,

I feel that I can barely describe it’s call,

when my windowed picture frame keeps me at lee.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april5th #day5