What If



a song inspired,

by a teacher I forget,

by a singer I forget,

while I was in grade three,

but I remember,

like the Owl and,

the Pussycat,

I’d never digress,

which makes me,

partly what I am,

what if I weren’t?

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april6th #Day6 #2019


When I Pause


When I take time to stop,

and see beauty around,

I feel an astound by the world at bay,

as I stop to listen,

I can hear unclear far,

destinies of a life,

with all it’s uncertainties prevailing,

I cherish sweet and sour,

biting in a perfect,

clementine that is so freshly ripened,

taking time to smell lilacs,

I am reminiscent,

of days from childhood and innocence like,

a simple brush as a touch,

as light as a briefness,

like a passing butterfly flies free,

these things are the things that plaque me,

living within,

this human skin.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april5th #Day5 #2019

I Lament


Why I lament,

I should have no regrets,

but I feel selfish,

stealing time,

from my life’s timeline,

eagerly awaiting,

for sometimes days,

weeks even,

feeling like an eternity,

for those around me,

poetry makes for,

bad company,

for feelings may complicate,

as I contemplate.

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april4th #Day4 #2019

A Recall Recalled


I remember Autumn,

after Summer’s fall,

breezy days,

with their cooling ways,

colorful leaves,

soon to be drying and dying,

as windows,

began to close,

I remember,

Winter’s beginning days,

freshly brewed coffee,

evenings filled,

with home cooked scents,

and while stepping out,

a kiss from an icy air,

and cloudy icing glare,

if only it knew,

that before it grows too long,

Spring would play,

it’s springy song,

bringing us back,

after a year long,

year after year.


#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april3rd #Day3 #2019

A Simple Contemplation


What does the viewer see?

A loveliness?


but although,

it’s all about the beholder.

And what do we know?

What do they know?

Who knows?

Some will see the rainbow,

some will only see,

what they know,

not basking for its show.

Some see an omen,

bringing worry for death,

some will see a refresh,

for after the storm brings birth.

For myself,

I see beauty,

I dream of the sea.

It leaves me wondering.

What else could there be?

#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april2cd #Day2 #2019

Imperturbation In Three, Not So Easy, But Simple Steps


Step One:

Becoming removed.

Taking some time,

to leave behind unkind,

relieving you from,

everyday stress’ that plaque,

your deepest existence,

until serenity.


Step Two:

Erasing time frames.

In cases,

in which you can,

cast away those pesky burdens,

less parameters need defined,

leave your schedule behind,

you’ll learn to be less blind.


Step Three:

Learning to breathe.

Fighting anxiety,

one breathe at a time,

then two and three,

soon you will see,

necessity is positivity,

designed diaphragmatic,

simply let it be,



#napowrimo #glopowrimo #april1st #Day1 #2019

Never A Conversation To Be Had

One day,

I won’t feel cold,

even though winds blow,

days won’t mean anything,

but for others’,

like they used to be,

falling rains will still fall,

after scents of freshly cut grass,

will never seem to fade,

though they will,

and the sun will rise,

as so a moon will too,

and for those who feel,

they will see,

but for the tired,

it’s just a reminder,

that time is going past,

time that never ceases,

even when it does.